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Why Maine Matters

I feel giddy as the bus driver emerges into the blustery Boston cold, announcing the last call for Portland, Maine. Memories from the time I was young and the ones that I have continued to make over the years flood my mind. Images of floating down the river to the ocean as a little girl and puddle jumping on the grainy cement streets after a summer rain to lying amongst the cat tails, looking at the stars on clear summer nights come to mind.

Have you ever been so completely enamored with a place and you are never disappointed to return? The Maine charm never dissipates for me, and I don't know that it ever will. Brick buildings covered in ivy, cobble stoned streets, architecture that holds history, an amazing concept to a girl raised in stucco suburbia; it is all too good. Fall, winter, spring, summer; seasons. These are the things I long for and let me tell you, Portland does it so well.

When people ask me why I'm so obsessed with Maine, I really don't know what to say besides I truly believe it's in my blood. I'm a big believer that I am just an East Coast girl at heart. I get so distracted and excited by this place. It is so unbearably easy to find joy in every little moment when I am here and that is something that I aspire to do regardless of geographic location. Maine teaches me how important family is, how to be passionate about your work, this earth is God's canvas and he paints it BEAUTIFULLY, and you don't have to be CEO of a company to take pride and joy in what you do, ask any fisherman on the docks of Casco Bay. It also teaches me the joy of living simply and the importance of being genuine with others.

God is GOOD, God keeps providing me with amazing opportunities to come back to the place where I feel most at home and I could not be more grateful. Until next time, Maine.