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Making Meaningful New Years Resolutions

New Years resolutions can be exciting, helpful and motivating. They can also be incredibly self-defeating and leave us feeling worse than we did pre-resolution. How do we set goals that pave the path to success rather than failure?  While thinking about the things that I want to pursue in the upcoming year, I thought to myself, how can I set quality goals that are going to build me up rather than tear me down? How can I set goals that matter? 

For the sake of convenience and easy reading, here are four steps to effective goal setting. Excited yet?

Step 1: What's getting in the way?

If you have no idea what it is you want to change, pursue or seek after, think about roadblocks; the things that get in the way of your personal productivity. Why do those things get in the way? What is the underlying issue? More often than not, patterns of avoidance point to something much deeper, so why not tackle the issue head on? Self betterment doesn't happen on it’s own. That would be far too convenient. 

Step 2: What is on your mind most & why?

Think about what consumes your mental capacity; the things that you think about when you’re stuck in traffic, in the shower, or right before falling asleep at night. Ask yourself why that thing is always on your mind. It is so essential to decipher if it is healthy for those thoughts to be constantly swarming around in your brain. If it is, pursue that dream & make it a reality! Inspire those thoughts to action. If it’s unhealthy and bringing you down, find ways to reverse that negative thinking and get going on the road to effective goal setting. 

Step 3: Think big picture (but not for too long)

Imagine being able to see the next year laid out in front of you. What do you want to be different by this time next year? Now after you’ve thought big picture, stop it. Find small ways to pursue that large scale goal. Doing it all at once can burden to the load. Goal setting shouldn't be something that you beat yourself up over, rather it should be refreshing and leave you feeling rejuvenated, like you can conquer the world, because you CAN!

Final Step: Think about the larger impact

I’ve found that one of the easiest things to leave out in goal setting is thinking about community impact. Personal goals only affect me anyways, right? WRONG. Try thinking about what it is you are wanting to pursue and how that is going to impact those around you. Bring others into your new resolutions and get involved in theirs. Support from friends & family is absolutely essential to effectively setting goals and living into them.

So what are you waiting for? Let's make this year count. I have a feeling it will be over before we know it. Pursue those dreams, take risks and support each other along the way. Simple. 

Shoutout to Ms. Jassy Verdult (assoc. photographer) & Ms. Jenny Speakman for modeling for me.