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Why Does Confidence Matter?

Confidence. Independent of others. The ability to carry yourself in a way that conveys purpose and certainty. That thing you are told to aspire to from the time you're young. For some it comes easily, for others it simply doesn't. The question I want to ask is this. What does it mean to carry yourself confidently? Why does confidence even matter?

I've come to observe the biggest joy killer amongst our generation. We constantly seek to be affirmed by others. We look for love and affection in all the wrong places and worst of all, we let it get to us when things don't go according to our plan. Our worldview and sense of time have become so narrow that with each small failure, we lose purpose. Slowly but surely, our confidence can be stripped from us. With every disappointment, misunderstanding or embarrassment, a small chunk of our sense of self can be so easily flaked away and before we know it, our independence is nowhere to be found.

Confident people are more often than not, the people who draw you in. The ones who, for some unknown reason, create a safe space with their words, actions and simply by how they carry themselves. How beautiful is it, to be someone who creates that space for others. There is so much to be said for confidence; for holding your head high when things don't go according to plan; for embracing change and knowing your strengths amidst challenges.

How beautiful would it be if with every disappointment, misunderstanding or embarrassment we came to rely more heavily on our strengths rather than sulk in our weaknesses. What if every time we came face to face a confidence shattering situation, we came to more fully know and understand what makes us inherently who we are. 

Without a doubt, each time we question ourselves, something eternally beautiful about our truest self is revealed. With every whisper of self doubt there lies vulnerability and with vulnerability comes an overwhelmingly beautiful window to self discovery and relationship building, both necessary to foster and develop self confidence. 

I've come to believe that carrying yourself with confidence is absolutely essential, necessary and valuable. Even in times when you have absolutely no idea what you are doing, taking a deep breath and approaching every situation with your head high will surely create a space where you and those around you can flourish. 

One of the ways that I love to explore confidence is through fashion. How does what we wear boost our sense of self confidence? I've always been of the mentality that how I present myself determines my perceived sense of success. To demonstrate the concept that confidence looks different for every single person, I asked some of my lovely friends to model for me in what makes them feel the most confident. Take a gander. They are some pretty darn attractive humans. 

Here's the takeaway. Know your strengths, lean into your weaknesses and hold your head high. Be vulnerable with others. Confidence can expand your worldview, your relationships and draw others in. Confidence is an essential piece to finding true beauty in this crazy world we call home.