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What Suitcase Living Taught Me

I am in the process of perfecting the art of uncertainty. I have spent the last three months hopping planes, trains and automobiles searching for what I want to call home. With less than ten possible wardrobe choices, three pairs of shoes and a carry on suitcase, I’ve spent 97 nights couch surfing, air mattress living and staying with friends, both old and very new. After eleven flights and countless hours on the road, I can tell you for certain that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing but I have every intention of doing what I love. I’ve been learning to find the stunning beauty in moments of absolute ambiguity. I’ve found that in those moments, it seems nearly impossible to avoid stumbling upon opportunities, people and places that make you think twice about everything. Here are the biggest things I’ve learned: 

Pursue what makes your heart sing

Life is absolutely meaningless when you stop pursuing the things that bring you the most joy. We were given desires, longings and dreams for a reason and what a joy it is when we run after them. For me it’s the small things. It’s watching the rain glisten as it falls soft on dimly lit cobble stoned streets. It’s walking brick building lined neighborhoods before the city wakes up. It’s being fully submerged in cold ocean water, knowing how good that breath of fresh air above the surface will taste. It’s knowing that when things are deep, heavy and challenging, as long as you are actively seeking out what makes your heart full, these moments  of pure joy have a tendency to appear on their own. 

Live with just a little but a do it BIG

We really truly need very little to be happy, but we need to do it big. Bring just a little bit for the journey. Love hard. Do life BIG where you are. You don’t need to be in a bustling city with a C-Suite job title to live life as large as you’ve always dreamed. Taking risks looks different for everyone. Sometimes it’s returning to where it all began. It's knowing what makes your heart beat faster than ever and running headfirst towards those motivators. 

Hush comparison

It is the most freeing feeling in the world to know that you are where you need to be, while silencing the subtle competition that is comparison. You are you for a beautiful, intricate and fascinating purpose. Entering the mindset that the work you do is good and the work others do is good independent of each others goodness is the first step in embracing confidence and finding contentment where you stand. 

Stop running

When you know what you want, it will become unavoidably apparent. It will hit you in the face like a ton of bricks and every other possibility won't seem nearly as enticing as the thing, person or place tugging at your heart strings. We must look fear in the face and visualize success. It is a challenging skill, but one that is absolutely worth putting to practice.  Learning to pause, acknowledge what you want and dive head first towards that goal, no matter how intimidating, is a necessary step in embracing beauty and living this life to the fullest. 

The more time I spend in on the road, the more I realize how malleable our lives really are. Our stories are being written as we go and nothing is standing in our way. 

Saying yes to the adventure is all it takes.